Join The Undead Revival

Thank you first of all for taking an interest in our Gaming Group.

There are no pre-requisites, for you to join.
  • We accept any age, all we ask is for you to be mature.
  • We take any K/D, any level, any rank, any stature, any W/L.
  • No need for a mic, although having one might lead to a beautiful friendship!

As it states on the front page of this website, we are all Gamer's. We are all looking to have a good time, and enjoy ourselves. We are all looking for some new friends to play video games with. No discrimination in our group. You are joining a collection of Gamer's from corners of the internet who just want to have fun.

Glad to see you made it this far! We enjoy boxes on this site, and so far you've read most of them. :D

Start by joining in on our conversation over on our Discord channel and Introduce yourself.
Let us know a little about you:
  • Your PSN Name
  • What games you enjoy?
  • Where you are from? (We have some member's from Ohio, New York, Florida, Georgia and other places).
Feel free to add any extra info about yourself that you want. These are just the basic question's to get to know someone. We can learn more about each other as we interact in game and on Discord.

Here is a very important step. Joining us on the Playstation 4.
We used to just ask everyone to send a friend request to a couple of our head member's, but this became very chaotic very fast. It sort of became a web of names intertwined between Discord and everyone's PSN Friend's list. There were a lot of.. add this person from this person and so on and so forth. This was overly complicated so we found a new much easier solution!

Using the Playstation 4's built in Community Feature.

Now we can keep our friends list tidy. Everyone can see everyone that is playing, just by simply looking through a list. No longer do we all need to get a list of name's and send friend requests. With that said, we wont hate you for sending friend request's out to people. You might find you are playing with the same person consistently, and it might be easier to just add them to your friend's list. That decision is up to you. But just so we can find eachother easier in the first place, PS4 Communities is a handy little tool.

It starts with a simple search. Click on the "Communities" tab, and in the search field enter "The Undead Revival".

We are the group with the Big Skull logo and the Red Background :P

Next you click "Request Membership".

Then finally "Submit" your request and wait to be accepted.

While we accept everyone that asks to join, we do moderate our roster of active member's. With that said we only accept member's who have first joined our discord channel. Thats how we prefer to stay in touch with each other and how we prefer to chat. So be sure to Join our Discord channel first and introduce yourself (That was STEP 1 above). Also, we reserve the right to remove any member from our Playstation 4 Community. Some of the reasons we would remove someone would be - if we find their behavior unacceptable (We said we like mature people!), or we find a person has become too inactive both on Discord and on the PS4.

All in all we are just looking for a good time Gaming. Not to overcomplicate things, and not to put strict guidelines on things. We like laid-back relaxed session's.

Hope everyone has a great time!


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